Jun 10, 2022 | Renovate

Your commercial space requires remodeling, so you begin the process of outlining, detailing, and preparing for the construction job ahead. Many different features and services go into renovation projects, but there are a few questions that need to be answered first: when do you need a building permit, what type of permit do you need, and does the type of room you’re renovating change the permit’s need? With the advice of Skilled Services to back you up, you’ll understand the differences in no time. 


When determining the best choice for a permit, you need to understand the differences between the alternatives. A construction permit is required to allow an individual or business to construct any form of building or alteration on an existing structure. These permits are required in every state and without this permit, you can’t legally make any alterations to your property. Permanent construction projects have to have the proper permits in place to be legal. If you’re creating a temporary structure like a storage shed, no permit is required, but if you’re making changes to your office or the building as a whole, you need a construction permit

Building permits are the same as a construction permit but are used when creating a new property. Building permits are difficult to apply for since you are essentially asking for permission to build your business on new land. There are restrictions to where you can build, how tall your building can be, and more. If your renovation project involves creating an entirely new office building, then a building permit is necessary, otherwise you’ll just need a construction permit


If your renovations are for different building spaces, such as bathrooms, lounges, or entrances, you need to be aware of the various requirements. If your remodeling project in a bathroom is interior only and only changes the room’s visual elements, no permit is required. Otherwise, you’ll need to consult with your municipality to determine the required permits

Any significant changes should have been thoroughly researched before they are applied. A bathroom remodel will more than likely require a permit in a commercial setting unless you are making minor adjustments such as changing the flooring, replacing sinks or countertops, painting the room, replacing lights or outlets, or replacing a toilet. For lounges or entrances, any changes to the size of the room, windows, or electrical lines will require permits


Your office is designed in a specific way, so making the necessary internal changes require plenty of preparation. A cautious business will consult with an expert service provider to understand whether they need a permit or not, the best plan of action, and the bottom line requirements of a finished job. You’ll need someone to provide a final inspection and the right documentation to follow through with the renovation plan. Building codes, blueprints, dimensions of the office space, and more should all be looked at before the actual process begins. 

Starting an office remodel project requires dedication from you and your partners. Understanding the differences between permits and when to apply for them rests on your shoulders, but having the help of a business that fully understands the differences between permits and existing building requirements is a big help. Luckily Skilled Services has all the expertise you need. 

Skilled Services helps you understand the different points that go into your project, whether that be an outline of the project, permits and documentation required, or beyond. We have services to help with code compliance, workplace redesign projects, and facility efficiency improvements so you never have to worry about the details. When you rely on Skilled Services, you rely on a turnkey construction services provider that knows everything you need to get the job done right the first time. If you want to start your renovation project off on the right foot, contact Skilled Services today.