Jul 7, 2021 | Design, Health & Safety

With the arrival of COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic, modern offices have transitioned into a work from home routine that has done wonders for productivity and slowing the advancement of the virus. As the effects dwindle, some companies find themselves in a favorable situation that allows them to return to the office under specific guidelines. You’ll need a new office floor plan to keep COVID-19 at bay and keep all of your workers in top condition. This is what that plan looks like. 



The changes to your workplace should be based on the health guidelines available. Meeting spaces with plenty of room, physical social distancing between office spaces, barriers, and more. Despite these various changes, creating an area that is safe but also boosts productivity is difficult. A new layout would need to incorporate social distancing without making workers feel distant. While you can’t have a work environment where everyone is shaking hands and hugging, you can make a space that allows chatter and interaction without danger of infection. 


Some organizations will continue to allow remote work, while others may either split their workforce between office and remote or fully commit to office work. No matter what solution you take, having an office space that feels like a home office will help you more than you can imagine. Many workers prefer the comfort of working from home, so providing a customizable workspace that allows them to experiment and still interact with their coworkers will increase productivity and reduce stress. 



There is no singular best office plan choice; instead, a flex layout gives you the ability to manage your workspace the way you want with your workers in mind. You will be part of the workspace reinvention movement. Creating a flex-flow environment will be based around density and costs, but the outcome is safety and security. A fluid setup gives you an office design that can be changed on the fly as necessary, with plenty of opportunities for input from team members. Through a flexible layout, you’re able to set yourself up for success and won’t be tripped up by budgetary constraints or lack of planning. Creating a flexible layout gives you the comfort of being fully prepared for any future changes. 



Normal hasn’t existed for the past few months, but returning to the office doesn’t need to feel alien. When you rely on the expert services of Skilled Services, you’ll be ready for any occasion. We help you set up an office space that prepares you for anything while retaining a natural, productive feel or renovate your office for a better feel and flow. For the best office services in the industry, contact Skilled Services today.