Jun 15, 2022 | Renovate, Workplace

Breakrooms and bathrooms―every workplace has them, but they aren’t necessarily the first space you think of when considering a renovation. While you may have never thought about a remodeling project for the breakrooms and bathrooms in your facility, breakroom or bathroom renovations have many benefits for your facility. When every space in your facility is functional and custom designed to meet the needs of your company, your employees will enjoy coming to work everyday and will want to use all the available spaces.

If you want the people within your organization to enjoy their time at work, your whole workspace design should reflect this. This could involve renovating rooms like breakrooms and bathrooms. For example, Google’s various offices and campuses around the globe reflect the company’s overarching philosophy, which is “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world,” according to Google spokesman Jordan Newman in a New York Times article. Rather than your employees simply using the restroom or taking a break, improve their entire experience.

Here are the major benefits of bathroom and breakroom renovation in offices.


Bathrooms—they seem like nothing more than places where people use the restroom and wash their hands. However, the right design and a few upgrades can improve the look and feel of your business, all while contributing to the health, happiness, and comfort of employees and guests.


Older bathrooms look dingy and outdated even when they’re clean. And when they aren’t clean, nothing will make your employees and guests feel more uncomfortable. Small problems can be fixed by a handyman, but when the bigger problems start to pile up, they can become inconvenient or dangerous if action is not taken. With a complete renovation, you get new tiles, sinks, fixtures, and lighting that can transform the look of your company’s bathroom and, therefore, the way people feel when using it, too.


How visitors and even employees perceive the office space design can potentially have a negative impact on your business. An old bathroom can give customers and employees a negative feeling, as they may feel that it’s dirty or the company doesn’t care about maintaining it. When you give your bathroom a complete makeover, not only does it look better, employees and customers will feel better about your company. New floors and fixtures in your bathroom and your business offer a more professional feel and will allow you to give customers and employees the experience they want.


Features like touchless air dryers, towel dispensers, and sink faucets don’t just look nice. They also stop the spread of germs. If your bathroom doesn’t have these features, you risk losing money as employees spread germs, become ill, take sick days, and possibly make their co-workers sick.


Breakrooms are no longer spaces with standard office features such a few tables, a small kitchen area, and sub-par lighting fixtures. Every office space has some sort of break room, but very few companies are using this space to its full potential. A breakroom remodel can have major benefits for your business, and you’ll be amazed at how much your employees love it.


Poorly designed breakrooms are not places where people want to spend time. However, a newly renovated breakroom will encourage people to take periodic breaks throughout the day. Studies show that workers who take breaks are more productive and have more energy, are more alert, and more engaged at work. They are also more likely to finish tasks on time.


A breakroom shouldn’t be seen as that place where employees go to escape work. Rather, a breakroom can be a place where employees can go to gather informally and talk about work-related matters. Throughout the day, there may not be any time for similar collaboration.


A new breakroom doesn’t just mean new tables, chairs, lighting, and a few other updates to the kitchen area. It means having a space in the office where employees genuinely enjoy spending their time. Employees typically appreciate a “nice-to-have” workplace asset like a renovated breakroom, and studies have recognized that these assets are vital to the bottom line.


Breakroom and bathroom remodeling projects can increase employee morale, provide better collaboration among employees, improve your bottom line, and give your office space a better appearance. Breakroom and bathroom renovations are worth your time, and will keep customers coming back while keeping your employees happy at work.

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