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Workplace design that considers air quality, lighting, views onto nature, and the general layout of the interior can significantly impact health, satisfaction, well-being, and staff productivity, according to the International WELL Being InstituteTM (IWBITM). Not only does an appealing office space design have numerous benefits for employees, but it also sends the right message to clients about your business.

Deciding when to renovate your office or how often you should renovate can be tricky. A complete office renovation is a lot of work; but when it’s time, it’s time. Here are some of the signs it’s time to renovate and factors that will affect your decision-making.

Signs That It’s Time for an Office Redesign

Certain factors will affect your decision-making about a potential workplace renovation, but there are also blatantly obvious signs that it’s time for an office space redesign. Here are four signs it’s time to consider a new office design.

Your Space Is Outdated

The most obvious reason for an office renovation is the feeling that your office space is looking a bit outdated. If you have outdated fixtures, no natural light, and no real elements of interior design, it’s time to renovate and give your office a facelift. These are several ways to modernize your office:

  • New office furniture (desks, couches, chairs, etc.)
  • New paint (company colors, brighter colors)
  • Modern equipment (new computers; can boost employee morale)
  • Allow for more natural light in your office
  • Go for a more open concept design

All these changes are great ways to give your office a modern look and feel while boosting employee morale.

Lack of Communication

A sign of an aging workspace is lack of communication between employees and departments. An office with an open layout encourages collaboration and communication. If your workspace has a poor layout that does not encourage interaction, time is spent going from one cube to the next or visiting private offices all day just to ask questions. A collaborative design will result in increased employee productivity and morale.

Your Space Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand Image

A well-designed workspace should reflect your company’s brand image. As soon as a person enters your office, he or she should already have a feel for your organization’s brand and culture. For example, if you run a marketing company or advertising agency, your space should be casual, fun, and encourage creativity. An office space that reflects your company’s brand will not only boost employee morale and inspire good work, it will also impress your clients.

Factors That Impact Your Decision to Start a Renovation Project

Sometimes, changes within your company can affect your decision to redesign. These are not only signs that you should renovate, but reasons you may have to renovate.

Your Company Is Growing—New Employees and New Clients

It’s great to be part of a growing company, but as a business owner you have to take into account what changes will need to be made. If you are realizing that your current space doesn’t have enough meeting rooms for employees or conference rooms for client meetings, it may be time for a renovation. If your company is growing at an extremely fast rate, you may not even have enough square footage to fit all your employees’ desks comfortably. It’s important to have an open office environment where every square foot is being used, but you also want to have enough open spaces so it doesn’t feel overly cluttered.

Change of Location

You just bought a new building—now what? Chances are, even if the space is great, it’s not perfectly set up yet to align with your needs. This warrants the need for an office space renovation. A team of experts can come in and help you determine what you can do with the space and how you want the finished product to look.

Skilled Services is Your Trusted General Contractor for Workplace Renovation Projects

Whether there are signs that it’s time to renovate or you absolutely need to renovate due to a recent move or company growth, it wouldn’t hurt to have an expert by your side. Skilled Services is a professional general contractor in Knoxville, TN. We have been providing commercial construction services since 1991. Our team of expert construction workers and project managers is experienced in providing office redesign services for companies of all sizes across various industries. We also have experience designing collaborative workspaces that encourage communication and interaction among employees. If you’ve been considering a redesign, put our skills to the test. Contact Skilled Services today to learn more.

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