Jun 10, 2022 | Design, Finance, Workplace

How to increase productivity at work with a new office design

It’s difficult to stay focused when you work in a noisy, messy environment. But it doesn’t have to be that way. All you need is a well-designed office space. In this blog, you’ll learn the necessary factors to consider in an effective workspace design.


Employees typically spend the majority of their days in the office; so why not make the most out of it?

To do that, you need to pay special attention to several critical factors.


The first step is to define a layout. What is your vision for the office? Do you want cubicles or more of an open meeting space? Perhaps you’d like a combination of the two. Whenever you design your blueprint, it’s important to keep two things in mind—privacy and communication. It’s best to build a multipurpose work environment that can foster both tranquility and collaboration. Your design should incorporate a multitude of workstations, meeting rooms and other collaborative spaces, along with a few breakout areas. You also need to ensure there’s space for printers, appliances, and other furniture.


Workplace productivity is difficult to achieve without proper lighting. To get the best results from your design space, you need to take lighting into account. Look for practical lighting fixtures that can regulate illumination throughout the entire office. Don’t settle for just any artificial light display, though. Consider an LED fixture: They are low maintenance, last longer, and are more energy efficient than other conventional lighting options.

Equally as important as the lighting is the building’s HVAC system. A healthy airflow is often overlooked as a contributor to business success. You need to invest in a ventilation system that filters air because this can help control the spread of viruses and germs. Cleaner, higher quality air leads to improved employee well-being, and better employee well-being can be tied to increased productivity from your staff.


It’s easy for employees to get burned out on the job, especially when they’re stuck behind a desk most of the time. Monotony can be a major enemy to your bottom line. After a long day of tedious work, you might find your staff walking away in frustration. To help prevent employee burnout, it’s important to keep the working environment as efficient as possible. Supply the office with furniture that offers adjustable arm, back, neck, and leg support. These features can keep employees comfortable when they are focused on important tasks.


There’s a fine line between interaction and disruption. Minimize noisy distractions by creating an environment where people are free to think and work peacefully. When designing an open office area, it’s best to do a sound test. Create your office environment with quiet zones and enclosed collaboration spaces. Also make sure each workstation has some kind of wall, barrier, or divider separating it from its nearest neighbor. This simple way to block out nearby distractions can help improve productivity in your day-to-day.


Don’t be afraid to give your office some personality. Some of the most appealing working environments have memorable decor that feels welcoming. When you walk into a bright, cheerful, well-designed workspace, expect your mood to be instantly uplifted. It’s important to brand your company with eye-catching art and decorations—just make sure your choices convey an appropriate level of professionalism. Consider a display with your company’s core values. And if you have any notable awards, don’t hesitate to show them off in an area that generates a lot of foot traffic.


When it comes to workplace design, the experts at Skilled Services go above and beyond to create the perfect environment for your business. If you need any ideas for improving office productivity, you can count on us for the right answer. From concept to beyond completion, we’ll help you create an engaging atmosphere that guides you on the path to success.

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