Case Study: 4 Key Ways we Modernized Madisonville Middle School


Madisonville Middle School is a public school located in Madisonville, TN, with a student population of approximately 500. It is part of the Monroe County School District, which is committed to providing the best learning environments for students and staff.

The problem

The School was facing numerous challenges when they contacted us. From inefficient lighting and tired bathrooms to climate control issues. The need for a comprehensive overhaul was evident. Madisonville Middle School needed a trusted partner who could deliver the solutions within a specific timeframe, to budget. This is where our team came in.

Skilled Services' solutions

1. A facility-wide lighting retrofit

The school’s existing (and outdated) T-8 and T-12 fixtures, metal halide lamps, and incandescent bulbs were all contributing to poor lighting quality and energy inefficiency.

And so, we proposed a comprehensive lighting retrofit, replacing fixtures with energy-efficient LED lamps and panels. This covered all common area lighting controls – including the school’s impressive gym – occupancy sensors, and EPA-certified disposal of old bulbs and ballasts.

2. Multiple complete bathroom renovations

The existing student and staff bathrooms exhibited signs of wear and tear, and featured outdated amenities and decor. They certainly didn’t reflect the high standards of the school’s commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

We delivered a plan for the renovation of six student bathrooms and four staff bathrooms. This involved complete demolition, new floor and wall tile installation, upgraded plumbing fixtures and improved lighting. The result was modern and functional – and looked great.

3. New entry doors

The school’s existing doors were old and tired, and compromised on both security and aesthetics.

We installed new storefront entry doors, using Tubelite heavy-duty aluminum doors, Vonduprin hardware, and accommodating a master-key system. This delivered security, accessibility, and modern doors at the school’s entry points.

4. HVAC unit replacements

The school’s inefficient window AC units were neither energy efficient nor kind to the wider environment.

We removed and replaced 21 window AC units with wall-hung bard units. In addition, we installed three mini-split units in the school’s admin offices to improve overall heating and cooling efficiency.


Madisonville Middle School experienced transformative change with modernized facilities that significantly enhanced the learning and working environment.

Our commitment to circumnavigating potential supply chain challenges ensured we completed the project within the estimated 180-day timeframe, too.

The school now boasts upgraded lighting, renovated bathrooms, secure entry points, and efficient climate control systems – all in all, providing a setting conducive for academic excellence. One of the things we’re most passionate about!

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