There is no better time to undergo office renovation services than during COVID-19. With nonessential employees working remotely, you can renovate your business’s bathroom or break room easily and safely.

Choose an Experienced Commercial Renovation Contractor

Hiring a general contractor to complete commercial remodeling projects isn’t a best practice solution for a quality renovation. Business owners should consider an experienced commercial renovation contractor who specializes in facility updates, code compliance for commercial construction projects, and office building redesigns.

A commercial renovation contractor creates and implements design-build solutions for many different types of office renovation projects, such as bathrooms and break rooms, building additions and expansions, structural repair, and area upgrades. Many commercial renovation projects result in innovative designs that increase energy efficiency, eliminate waste, and preserve commercial buildings.

Schedule Commercial Bathroom Renovations While Workers Are Remote

With the majority of nonessential business owners allowing staff to work from home due to COVID-19, there is no better time than now to start a bathroom remodeling project. Building owners can have peace of mind that employees are safe during the remodeling process, and normal business operations can continue remotely.

Commercial bathroom renovations allow building owners to choose an overall design that works well with their employee culture. Whether you’re looking for an industrial-style bathroom with traditional stalls or an upscale bathroom renovation with stainless steel fixtures, completing a commercial bathroom remodel while your employees work remotely is a great way to reduce business disruptions and keep employees safe during the construction process.

A Quality Renovated Office Break Room

A renovated office break room has several benefits for you, your employees, and your business.

Some common pros to a break room remodel include:

  • Cleanliness
    • Typically, office environments have a large number of employees passing through them daily. An office break room that utilizes innovative remodeling features, such as touchless fixtures, to prevent the spread of germs drives an increase in overall cleanliness.
  • Safety
    • A renovated office break room that’s designed with cleanliness in mind can also prevent or reduce employee injury in the workplace. Commercial renovation contractors can implement anti-slip flooring and other break room building solutions that increase safety.
  • Employee Morale
    • Workplace appearance, design, and cleanliness affect how employees feel in the office and how they perform their essential job duties. A well-designed and renovated office break room can increase employee morale, which boosts productivity and business operations.

Since COVID-10 has changed the way many businesses operate, building owners are turning to innovative best practices for redesigning their office space during the pandemic. New office renovation services and designs, such as smaller conference rooms, room dividers, and social distancing stickers, are being implemented to accommodate employee safety.

Renovated Office Break Room: Consider the Right Furniture

Giving your employees a comfortable place to take a break is crucial for keeping team members happy and healthy. And enjoying a break at work often comes down to the type of furniture your employees use in the break room. That’s why it’s essential to select ergonomic break room and workstation furniture for your business. If you don’t have comfortable furniture in your break room, consider purchasing some for your renovated office break room to increase employee comfort and productivity.

Our Office Renovation Services Process

Skilled Services initiates the following steps to provide ideal office spaces for building owners:

  1. Discovery: Client interaction to learn about needs
  2. Define: Planning and setting client expectations
  3. Design: Implementing key elements and scheduling completion date
  4. Deliver: The final result, which is a well-designed space that reflects your business culture

Choose Skilled Services for Your Office Renovation Services

Instead of going through different vendors for all of your commercial remodeling needs, use Skilled Services’ comprehensive office renovation services. Our team has direct relationships with manufacturers, allowing us to work with them to promptly design any workspace imaginable. Whether you need a renovated office break room or commercial bathroom renovations, Skilled Services can do it all. We’re committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and work tirelessly to design innovative design-build solutions that allow employees to work smarter during these uncertain times.

The Skilled Services team provides renovation services for many different types of companies, offering break room and bathroom improvements for the office space. Whether you are a big company with a large workspace or are looking for a small office space design, the Skilled Services team is ready to help.

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