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Key Points:

  • The design of your office space can reflect company culture.
  • There are four types of company cultures: Adhocracy, Clan, Hierarchy, and Market.
  • Research shows that employees work better in well-thought-out work environments.
  • Improving your office space can be as simple as adding an open layout to your business.

Research shows that improving your office space interior design boosts company morale. But first, determining the type of space you want to promote is vital. Skilled Services designers can help you determine perfect design elements for your business.

How Does Design Shape Culture?

When designing a new home, residents put strategic effort into their design ideas. From choosing the right light fixtures to purchasing comfortable furniture, designing and building a home is all about making home-owners and their guests feel comfortable and happy.

For business owners, the result of a completed office space interior design should make employees and customers feel comfortable and happy, too. Keeping your employees and customers in mind when considering improving your office space is a good frame of mind to have.

While making customers and employees feel happy is important, office space has a purpose, too. The right office environment should encourage employees to work diligently but comfortably.

When considering improving your office space, first you should determine the type of working environment you want to create.

Types of Working Environments

To help you decide which type of working environment you want to create, you must define your company culture. Researchers from the University of Michigan developed a framework to help business owners determine which of the four company cultures their business represents.

According to their research, there are four types of company cultures:

  1. Adhocracy Culture: This type of working environment promotes creativity, innovation, and risk-taking. Business leaders in this type of culture encourage a more forward-thinking mindset.
  2. Clan Culture: For the more family-oriented business owner, a clan culture reflects employees who share a connection and values. Clan cultures tend to be people-oriented and consider teamwork the most essential part of the office space.
  3. Hierarchy Culture: Organizations that value structure and authority strive to build this company culture because it minimizes risks and promotes procedures.
  4. Market Culture: Finally, a market-based culture drives competitive spirit and high-quality results. While employees show professionalism toward co-workers in this type of working environment, they also tend to see them as their competition.

Culture-Based Interiors

Now that you’ve determined which company culture fits your business, you can consider different interior design elements to reflect it.

Office Space Design For Adhocracy Culture

This type of company culture should showcase your employee’s creativity and innovative thinking. Consider an open-area floor plan, equipped with natural lighting, and a lot of room for team-building activities to encourage employee engagement. Adding individual workstations and areas for team collaboration is also an essential element of design for this office space.

Office Space Design For Clan Culture

Designing a clan culture environment includes adding design elements that encourage collaboration but also promote independence. Providing your employees with cubicles while also building a common area for collaborative projects can add a good balance of independent work and teamwork.

Office Space Design For Hierarchy Culture

An office space that reflects structure and time management is essential for promoting a hierarchy culture. A structured business owner may have offices decorated with traditional office artwork and furniture with closed-door offices to encourage employees to stay focused.

Office Space Design For Market Culture

A market culture office space can have a combination of design elements that also fit into other company culture elements. Since this workspace focuses on delivering impressive results and promoting a competitive spirit, a business owner striving to reflect this culture in an office space may choose to include cubicles that encourage independent work but an open area breakroom designated for team meetings.

Our Office Environment Design Process

Skilled Services design experts initiate the following steps to provide business owners with their ideal office space:

  • Discovery: Client interaction to learn about needs
  • Define: Planning and setting client expectations
  • Design: Implementing key elements and scheduling completion date
  • Deliver: The final result, which is a well-designed space that reflects your business culture

Improve Your Office Work Environment With Skilled Services

You know your company culture, but we know the office space design business. Together, we can create the perfect working environment for you and your employees. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our team members to begin your office space improvements.

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