No matter how good an individual’s work-life balance is, their amount of time spent in the office can have a significant impact on physical and mental health. Many factors go into employee engagement, productivity, and overall well-being at work, and one of them is office space design. Workplace design trends are evolving and for good reason. Cubicles and uninspiring conference rooms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. An office space redesign has more of a purpose behind it than just a nice look. The right office design can increase employee productivity while also promoting employee well-being.

The Impact of Office Design on Employee Productivity

A great office space redesign means more than just freshly painted walls and new furniture. When it comes to workplace design, research shows a high-quality design improves overall employee health and satisfaction.


Physical surroundings and workplace design can result in the following:


  • Increased employee happiness, comfort and improved mood and focus
  • Improved personal effectiveness and ability to perform
  • Reduced number of sick days 
  • Improved company bottom line
  • Reduced stress and improved satisfaction
  • Better employee retention


Many factors such as happiness, comfort, and mood play a role when measuring employee productivity, and industry experts predict that design based on data will be the workplace design trend in the future.

What Does the Future of Workplace Design Look Like?

Now that we know data to back up the fact that office space design affects employee productivity and well-being, what do those newer workplace designs actually look like? To have a productive, collaborative workplace, you must first have a collaborative design

Many design-build companies can work with your organization to determine the best design for your space, but here are a few trends experts are predicting.

Offices With Outdoor Spaces

Over the next several years, there will be a significant increase in offices that incorporate outdoor spaces for individual workers. Outdoor spaces offer several benefits when it comes to health and well-being; plus, they are an attractive amenity.


It may not be a bad idea to add plants to the indoor spaces of your facility. Plants can increase employee productivity by 15%, according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking is a trend that began a few years back, and it continues to be a game-changer in the workplace design world. Some attractive benefits of coworking spaces include the following:


  • Gives companies the option to acquire space without committing to long-term leases
  • Companies enjoy a curated community that comes with a shared space
  • Coworking spaces are being designed for small startups and large corporations alike

Flexible and Future-Focused

While traditional offices are designed for fixed use, flexible and future-focused designs make it easy to adapt to changing employee, project, and company needs. It’s the ideal solution for a company that’s always experiencing rapid change and is unable to predict what job functions they will need in future years.

Activity-Based, Blended Spaces

Today’s workers thrive in social, collaborative environments. At the same time, there is still a need for privacy and focus. Fortunately, activity-based blended spaces provide the best of both worlds. Blended offices offer a mix of private, semi-private, and open workspaces, offering the ideal solution for an organization that wants to be collaborative and productive.


Blended workspaces usually include a mix of the following:


  • Multipurpose workspaces (used for meetings, huddles, projects, and more)
  • Lounges/social hubs for impromptu collaboration
  • Client lounges for casual client and visitor meetings
  • Personal workspaces (including sitting and standing desks)
  • Privacy pods
  • Quiet zones
  • Collaboration spaces

Equipped for Integrated Technology

Technology in the workplace is nothing new; however, office designs that integrate technology are. The trend here is to design offices that integrate digital-based business processes and technology. Eliminating wires and clutter from desktops and conference rooms and providing companies with easier sharing solutions are just a few of the ways this is being done. Table-top touchscreens, integrated wireless charging, and interactive displays are always increasing in popularity for this type of office space design.

Promoting Employee Well-Being―Skilled Services Can Help You Take the First Step

No matter what the mix of employees looks like at your company—project management teams, salespeople, customer service representatives, artists, finance professionals, and more—Skilled Services can help design the perfect office space for you. The right office space can boost employee productivity, increase happiness, improve retention, and even improve your bottom line. A workspace redesign is only going to help your organization, so why not let the experts in construction and design-build facilitate the process for you? Contact Skilled Services today, and let’s get started on your office redesign!

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