Office Design Trends 2021

As we move into a new year, it’s time to look at emerging office design trends. When you take advantage of these trends, you can find ways to improve your office space while amplifying your company culture. Each of these trends in office interiors reflects growing needs and desires in modern workplaces. Use the trends below as a guide for taking your workplace into the new year and embracing office interior design in a changing world.

Agile Work Environments

In recent years, employers have adjusted their work environments to accommodate employees who want to move around throughout the day. This trend continues to grow through 2021. Agile work environments include comfortable chairs and tables spread throughout the office. Employees can take their devices to these locations at different points during the work day. Agile work options give workers the chance to adjust their location according to their working needs and their moods. It also helps them move away from noise. However, employers should take precautionary social distancing measures as they set up agile work environments. Such precautions keep employees safe as they move locations to do their work.

Cozy Workplace Designs

Employers are embracing cozy workplace designs after their employees come back from coronavirus-related work-from-home setups. They’re bringing in comfortable office furniture that help their employees feel at home. This 2021 office trend has emerged since employers have analyzed their workforces’ work-from-home productivity levels. Employers now realize that what makes a great office space is the way its layout allows employees to hunker down and focus on their work. However, they’re also investing in ergonomic chairs and mobile workstations to ensure that employees stay healthy and energized throughout the work day. These new cozy workplaces give employees a home office feel while maintaining flexibility and agility.

Acoustic Modifications

Open concept office layouts have grown commonplace over the last few decades, and that trend continues into 2021. However, employers are now discovering ways to dampen the ambient noise that comes with an open concept office. Options for this trend include acoustic pads installed above and around open work areas to deaden the noise in these spaces. Acoustic furniture is another viable option to dampen excess noise. This office furniture blocks noise from nearby employees and provides space that complies with most social distancing measures. Acoustic modifications turn open concept offices into more productive, comfortable places.

Sustainable Office Practices

Employers now encourage sustainable office practices as they work to decrease their carbon footprints. These practices include integrating sustainable design and decor into office designs. When you rent furniture and equipment for your office space, you decrease the amount of waste you generate when you no longer need that office equipment or furniture. If you choose to rent furniture, you can select the right furniture style for your office space and your company culture. Whether you prefer a sleek, futuristic office look or comfy, home-office chic, you can find rental furniture to fit your office style.

How Do You Select the Right 2021 Office Trends for Your Workplace?

If you want to take advantage of any of these 2021 office trends, you need the right construction and interior design partner. Luckily, Skilled Services offers workspace redesign services that help you create workspaces that integrate as many of these trends as you want. Our approach centers your workplace needs, so you get the best redesign for your company culture and core business functions. Let us create new space designs that improve productivity and boost your overall office environment. Skilled Services is here to help you sort through the trends and pick the ones that meet your needs and help you achieve your business goals.

Bring Your Office Into the New Year With Skilled Services

If you’re ready to redesign your office to incorporate these trends, connect with Skilled Services today. We’re here to help you customize your office for your workforce’s needs and business functions. Whether you need flexible working spaces or lots of natural light, you can trust our facility improvement specialists to work closely with you and create the best design for your company’s specific needs. Contact us today to begin developing your office redesign. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a productive workspace that your employees can enjoy as they perform their jobs.

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