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Workstation Furniture

Providing Construction, Design, and Furniture for a Hassle-Free Project

Workstation Furniture

Several general contractors and commercial construction companies will do collaborative, functional design services, and a lot of them will offer design in house. Even though this is true, construction/design and furniture are two different parts of the project. Skilled Services works directly with manufacturers so your company doesn’t have to go to a furniture dealer during the design process.

We work with many top-quality furniture manufacturers. Having direct access to these manufacturers allows us to offer unique designs and quick turnaround times on our projects. Whether you are looking for computer tables, office chairs, office desks, executive office furniture, or all of the above, we have access to all of it through our furniture partners. We offer the same pricing as if you were to go to a dealer. Working with Skilled Services, you get the full package and a hassle-free experience.

Office and Executive Workstation Furniture

The office workstation furniture we can provide will make your employees happier at work and more productive. We offer top-quality office workstation furniture items from several manufacturers.

We can provide:

  • Chairs of all types, sizes, and colors
  • Computer desks (standing desks, L-shaped desks, desks with a lot of storage, etc.)
  • Tables (conference tables, hospitality tables, training tables, etc.)
  • Storage cabinets and towers
  • Workstations (pieces of furniture that allow for adaptability)
  • Computer workstation furniture
  • Call center workstation furniture
  • Art workstation furniture
  • Call center cubicles

Ergonomic Workstation Furniture

Want your employees to work in comfort? We offer ergonomic workstation furniture, such as standing desks, lumbar support chairs, footrests, and more. This way, you can accommodate the needs of different employees and allow them to take pressure off their backs if needed. Ergonomic furniture gives you the ability to provide your employees with their perfect desk setup, making them more happy and productive.

Manufacturers We Work With

We are proud to work with top-quality manufacturers to provide workstation furniture for our clients and partners:

No matter what you envision your office looking like, we work with enough manufacturers that we can help bring that picture to life. From office cubicles to keyboard trays, we pay attention to the details and make sure every piece of office furniture is perfect for your design. In addition to our partnerships, we also offer custom millwork and custom furniture for a truly unique environment.

Ready to start the design process with Skilled Services? Contact us today and allow the experts to take care of your office design needs. With our design process and unlimited access to resources, we will turn your office into a space that you’ve always dreamed of.

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