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Tenant Improvement Services

Get a Budget Estimate From Skilled Services With Our Tenant Improvement Services

Tenant Renovation Services

We have the design and construction skills to deliver the precise tenant improvements that are needed. We provide modifications to walls, floors, and ceilings without compromising the structural integrity of a building. Our tenant improvement architects and builders can turn your space around.

Are you a developer, a property management company, a landlord, a real estate agent, a building owner, or a broker? Our project managers at Skilled Services are capable of finishing your project on time and within budget. We offer remodels, renovations, and construction services. With our streamlined services, you will have a stress-free experience and receive superior results.

For the best tenant improvement services in Knoxville and eastern Tennessee, contact Skilled Services.

Tenant Improvement Architect

When a developer has new leases that are coming due and is filling its space with tenants, these new tenants may want a redesigned space or upgrades. A developer or building owner doesn’t have the knowledge to answer questions about how much space redesign, upgrades, or construction services cost. They also can’t offer turnkey construction and design services.

This is where Skilled Services comes in as a trusted partner. Our services include:

  • Providing estimates for interested tenants
  • Design/remodeling services for tenants

Our top-notch customer service stems from working together seamlessly with both developers and tenants to deliver the best improvement projects.

Our Improvement Services

What makes Skilled Services different from other tenant improvement contractors is our ability to come in and help the developers with cost estimates. We will give budget numbers to assist in the process of signing on a new tenant. In most cases, tenant improvement costs depend on the square footage of the size of the space they are interested in leasing.

We like to build relationships with clients and want you to become a long-term partner with us. That’s why we offer a free estimate early on. Our dedication to helping these tenants is what makes our customer service second to none.

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