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Historic Preservation

Why Tear Down and Re-Build When There Are Many Benefits To Historic Preservation?

Historic Preservation Benefits

Historic preservation of architecture and the buildings within our communities keep the history alive in our cities, but it’s also an environmentally friendly practice. The environmental benefits of historic preservation are a big reason why so many construction companies continue to push these projects. The answer to adopting greener construction practices is simple―the greenest building is the one that’s already built.

It takes a great deal of energy to construct a building

To build a 50,000 square foot commercial building would require the same amount of energy needed to drive a car 20,000 miles for 730 years.

Eliminate Energy Waste

A big part of preserving historic buildings is conservation of environmental resources. How does historic preservation help us to conserve environmental resources? Restoration and redevelopment consume less energy than demolition and new construction.

Essentially, preservation uses less energy and fewer materials while also eliminating waste.

Our Preservation Process

We determine the appropriate treatment for a historic property before the work begins. Our team of skilled experts wants to ensure that the proposed project is feasible without risking the destruction of the historic fabric of a building. Our goal is to update the building systems appropriately, accommodate for safety and security needs, and provide accessibility while still preserving the historical significance.

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