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Efficiency Improvements

Building A More Energy Efficient Community, One Upgrade At A Time

Facility Improvements

As an experienced general contractor, we recognize our responsibility to minimize environmental impact while improving energy efficiency through innovative solutions. At Skilled Services, we are committed to providing facility improvements that will increase energy efficiency, decrease costs, and improve facility operations.

As a facility improvement corporation, we already have extensive experience upgrading and altering facilities. Our sustainability improvement projects specifically aim to improve energy efficiency and operations. We strive to optimize the long-term sustainability, affordability, and safety of your building environment.

We can perform the following improvement projects for clients:

  • Window Improvements―We have experience replacing windows with new, better-insulated windows. Better insulated windows result in reduced heating and cooling requirements which means lower heating and cooling costs for your facility.
  • Control Improvements―We install advanced technology systems in buildings that can control lighting, temperature, and more to optimize facility performance. These improvements include, but are not limited to:
    • Motion Sensor Lights
    • Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
    • Automatic Temperature Systems
  • Lighting Improvements & Design―We offer comprehensive lighting services including retrofits, improvements, and new installations. We provide energy analysis and lighting design for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our Facility Improvement Projects

At Skilled Services, we are proud to contribute to a more energy-efficient community, one building at a time. We have had the pleasure of working with many great companies to improve their facilities and lead them toward a more sustainable future. Some of our facility improvement projects include the following:

  • University of Tennessee Hospital | Lighting Efficiency Improvements
  • Covenant Health Systems | Lighting Efficiency Improvements
  • Knox County Schools | Windows Improvements
  • Vaughn Bassett | Lighting Improvements
  • Valmont Industries | Lighting Improvements

Energy Efficiency Financing Program

If you get approved as an energy efficiency finance facility, you can be eligible for financing for your project. You may be eligible to receive an interest-free loan for replacing old and worn-out equipment with newer, more energy-efficient models. You can learn more about the Tennessee Energy Efficiency Loan Program or another state’s loan program on your state’s Department of Environment & Conservation website.

Professional Facility Improvement Services

We work with you to understand the specific improvements you are looking to make. We will ask the facilities management for improvement ideas as well as offer our advice after assessing your facility. After discussing the budget, schedule, and location, we will likely narrow down the focus of the project to maximize environmental impact.

Our ultimate goal is to improve energy efficiency and improve operations for your facility. Our staff has a vast pool of resources and knowledge to ensure that we achieve all goals set forth for the project. If you are interested in becoming an energy-efficient facility through building improvements, contact Skilled Services today!

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