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Facility Efficiency Improvements

Proud To Be Building A Sustainable Future

Historic Preservation

Over time, it has become a trend for many construction companies to adopt green construction practices, projects, and technologies. Implementing these practices allows for construction companies to construct greener buildings that are more energy efficient and better for our environment.

At Skilled Services, we recognize our responsibility to minimize environmental impact by providing innovative, energy-efficient solutions for our communities. We are proud to be a part of the sustainable construction and green building movement. Our services not only help buildings to stay environmentally friendly, but they also help businesses remain compliant with building codes that are continuously upgraded to meet new green requirements.

At Skilled Services, we work with the local historical society to keep a building’a historic status and to perform upgrades for all historic buildings. Repairing and upgrading an existing facility is much more sustainable than knocking down an old building and starting from scratch. After all, the greenest building is the one that’s already built.

Historic preservation is a sustainable practice for many reasons. Preserving an existing building eliminates the need for a lot of new materials. Traditional materials tend to be very durable anyway, so the preservation of these buildings becomes even more desirable. Not only would a new project require new materials, but all of the leftover materials and debris from tearing down the existing building would go to waste.

Facility Improvements

Skilled Services is committed to long-term sustainability by providing quality, cost-effective solutions to our clients. We offer improvements that will increase your environmental efficiency and decrease energy costs. We can start by simply assessing your current facility and helping you get to where you want to be regarding energy efficiency.

Our services include:

Our Green Projects

Skilled Services is proud to have worked with several historic sites within our community to preserve and upgrade their facilities. We are able to maintain the characteristics that make your building unique while still improving the overall structure. We also provide facility upgrades that increase energy efficiency, decrease costs, and improve facility operations. We are proud to contribute to a more energy efficient community, one building at a time.

Check out some of our projects:

L&N Stem Academy | School Window Repair & Historic Structure Safety Upgrades

We worked with L&N Stem Academy, a school in Knox County that is on the historic registry. We replaced hand carved wooden window frames for all of their windows.

Additional Projects

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Are the outdated parts of your facility causing your energy bills to go up? Our team of skilled professionals can perform energy efficiency upgrades to give your space a modern feel and lower your energy costs. Whether the windows in your facility aren’t providing enough insulation or outdated lighting is costing you entirely too much, our team can provide money-saving facility upgrades, including:

  • Window upgrades
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Control upgrades

If your business is looking for opportunities to save money, energy efficiency upgrades are a great place to start. Skilled Services can help you determine which upgrades would save you the most money on your monthly energy bill. As facility improvement specialists, we can perform an audit and provide turnkey construction services for any upgrades you need.

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