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Tenant Fit Out

Having The Right Amount of Space For Equipment and Procedures Is Essential For Healthcare Facilities

Facility Redesign

A healthcare facility cannot set up and operate in any old building. There are specific space requirements needed to fit occupants and equipment; and sometimes, adjustments need to be made before the facility can begin operating. Skilled Services offers facility redesign and upgrades to get facilities ready for tenants. We also install medical equipment and design waiting room areas. Whatever services you need to get your facility ready to operate in, we have you covered.

If your healthcare facility is moving to a new location or getting a brand new building, Skilled Services can furnish the facility to fit your needs. Chances are, specific equipment required for your medical procedures take up large amounts of space. We will ensure that there is enough room for operations to run smoothly. We work with hospitals and offices to offer tenant build-out services. If adjustments need to be made to an existing healthcare facility, we take care of everything for you. We are capable of building out entirely new spaces and getting spaces ready for use. This can include all aspects of redesign ranging from interior renovation to lighting upgrades.

We also set up and install equipment if necessary. Sometimes a manufacturer of medical equipment will install equipment for you, but when they don’t, Skilled Services is there to help. We install the equipment and ensure that the equipment fits in the space and works properly.

Not the right fit?

Allow Skilled Services to make the adjustments you need for equipment and workflow.

Professional Tenant Build Out Services

If you are a healthcare facility needing assistance with your new facility, contact Skilled Services. Not only will we ensure that you have enough space for all occupants and equipment, but we will also make your facility a positive environment for all patients and medical professionals. Contact Skilled Services for top-quality tenant fit-out services.

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