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Healthcare Efficiency Upgrades

Is Your Healthcare Facility Overspending On Energy Costs?

Healthcare Energy Efficiency

Many healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, are extremely large facilities that use massive amounts of energy. In the world of healthcare, patients are the number one priority, but a lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure that providers can deliver exceptional patient care. It takes careful administration of facilities and excellent management to ensure that a facility operates at maximum efficiency.

At Skilled Services, we make it easy for you to care for your patients, your facility, and your bottom line. By improving the energy efficiency in your building, your organization can be a part of the healthcare industry’s long-standing commitment to public health.

  • Save Money – Efficiency upgrades significantly improve energy performance which saves money on maintenance and energy bills. By reducing energy costs, you will have more money left over for patient care.
  • Demonstrate Environmental Leadership in & Raise Awareness in Your Community – Efficiency upgrades don’t just save you money; they give you an excellent reputation in the community. By showing that you care about the environment, you can attract and retain highly qualified healthcare professionals, improve the air quality in surrounding communities, and demonstrate environmental leadership so that more organizations will follow.
  • Prevent Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Through energy efficiency upgrades, healthcare facilities can reduce the number of greenhouse gasses it produces by several tons per year.

Are you wondering how to improve your facility? As a facility efficiency improvement corporation, Skilled Services has extensive experience in providing energy efficiency upgrades to several types of organizations, including those in the healthcare industry. We improve efficiency in healthcare facilities through HVAC, controls, windows, and lighting upgrades.

HVAC Upgrades

HVAC upgrades are one of the most common upgrades we perform in facilities to improve energy efficiency. There are several ways to upgrade an HVAC systems to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Retrofitting – By retrofitting your existing HVAC equipment with energy-efficient add-ons, you can save on energy costs and get more life out of an existing HVAC system.
  • Programmable HVAC Control System – Facilities can increase HVAC energy efficiency with automated systems that control temperatures. Programmable systems also allow you to adjust the system controls from a remote location.
  • Invest in New HVAC Equipment – By replacing an old system that is 10+ years old and replacing it with new, energy efficient HVAC equipment, you can increase energy efficiency immediately.

Control Upgrades

By leveraging technology advancements with lighting, temperature, and system controls, we are able to improve and optimize your facility’s performance. A professional assessment will help you to understand the energy output your in your building so that we can make improvements.

Window Upgrades

We have experience replacing windows with newer, better-insulated windows to improve energy efficiency. Better insulated windows result in reduced heating and cooling requirements which means lower heating and cooling costs for your facility.

Lighting Upgrades

We provide efficiency upgrades in the form of lighting upgrades in healthcare facilities. Better lighting in your facility will result in energy savings and reduced overhead. Additionally, LED lighting can improve facility safety and increase employee productivity.

Professional Efficiency Upgrades

Efficiency upgrades for your healthcare facility can reduce your energy costs significantly and position you as a leader in the community for environmental awareness. We assist facilities management with improvement ideas and offer our suggestions for the most cost-effective ways to improve efficiency. For top-quality service you can trust, contact Skilled Services.

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