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Healthcare Canopies

Improve Your Image and Protect Your Patients With A Canopy For Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare & Hospital Canopies

Are you just getting started and unsure of what canopy would be best for your facility? Based on the goals you are aiming to achieve and your ideas for the project, Skilled Services can offer the perfect solution. We offer a wide variety of materials and designs so that your canopy is unique to your facility.

To learn more about the types of canopies we can install or to get started with our canopy service, contact Skilled Services today! Our canopies provide safety and give your patients a great first impression.

Patient Drop-Off Canopies

Canopies for patient drop-off areas are extremely important. They provide safety for sick or injured patients and shelter for vehicles. Drop-off canopies are simplistic in design and offer protection to both people and vehicles. They are designed to allow vehicles to park beneath, deposit passengers under cover of the canopy, and protect them from weather conditions.

Healthcare Entryway Canopies

Entryway canopies offer year-round protection from harsh weather conditions to staff, patients, and visitors, but they also give your building a welcoming appearance. The main entrance to your building is the first thing that people see. Even a simple canopy can give visitors a great first impression and create an architectural and welcoming feel for your building.

Parking Garage Canopies

Parking garage canopies protect vehicles from harsh weather conditions. They also give your employees, staff, and visitors peace of mind knowing that their vehicle and valuable belongings are safe. Protect both people and vehicles while giving your facility and eye-catching feature with a parking garage canopy.

A canopy adds character

And provides many other benefits. Ask us about our canopy installation services today!

Why Skilled Services?

A hospital or other healthcare facility needs to create a welcoming and safe environment for patients and staff. With such a large number of patients, visitors, and staff coming and going on a daily basis, protective covering for parking and near entryways is essential to safety and convenience.

Skilled Services is proud to provide canopy installation for healthcare facilities to give patients, staff, and visitors protection from the sun and harsh weather conditions. As a full-service canopy company offering canopy installation to all types of organizations including government municipalities, healthcare facilities, and more, we also offer canopy repair and replacement canopy tops.

Installing a canopy is not an easy job, and the idea of doing it alone can be daunting. At Skilled Services, our highly-qualified professionals install your canopy and provide you with peace of mind that the job gets done right. Our canopies offer many great benefits and are available in a range of materials, sizes, and styles. No matter the style of your location, we have a canopy that will be a good fit.

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