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Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete Offers Many Benefits and Gives Your Healthcare Facility Character

Our Design Process

Decorative concrete is an excellent option for healthcare facilities or other businesses who are looking to bring their facility to the next level in terms of design. The practical benefits and the creative possibilities that decorative concrete has to offer has made this service a popular option among hospitals, medical buildings, doctor’s offices, and many other types of buildings.

Skilled Services is proud to offer decorative concrete as a service to healthcare facilities. With our years of experience providing concrete construction, maintenance, and repair, our staff is highly-qualified to perform these services. Our attention-to-detail and superior craftsmanship have made us a trusted decorative concrete contractor in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

We provide decorative concrete flooring for main waiting rooms, entrances, sidewalks, and more. We start each project by discussing your needs and ideas for the project so that we can determine the best route for execution. The timeline for each project will depend on the colors, stamp type, size, and complexity of the project. We take a client-centric approach for every project, ensuring that your needs are met and that the finished product meets our standard of quality.

Do you want your patients to be emotionally pleased by their environment?

Decorative concrete can provide this kind of satisfaction for your facility.

Decorative Concrete Coatings

Healthcare facilities receive heavy foot traffic. From patients and visitors to staff and administration, a large hospital could easily have thousands of people coming and going on a weekly basis. Our decorative concrete designs are highly durable and properly sealed with a protective coating. We work with several top-quality brands to offer the best protective coating for your project.

Your Flooring Shouldn’t Be Boring

No matter what type of decorative concrete flooring you choose for your facility, you should choose to work with a contractor who can provide the craftsmanship and skill needed to achieve the perfect finished product.

Skilled Services is a trusted decorative concrete contractor in the Knoxville, TN area. We proudly provide creative designs to healthcare facilities in the area. By doing this, healthcare organizations can improve their image and take the design of their facility up a notch. For durable, unique concrete floor designs, reach out to our expert staff at Skilled Services.

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