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Improve Patient Experience With Upgrades And Renovations From Skilled Services

Tenant Fit Out

We work with hospitals and local offices to build new tenant spaces and to get spaces ready for the facility to begin helping the community. A manufacturer of any medical equipment can send us specs for the size of the equipment; then we redesign the area to ensure that the equipment will fit and work properly. We also design offices and waiting rooms, providing furniture and built-in fixtures.

    • Facility Redesign—If your healthcare facility is moving to a new location or getting a brand new building, Skilled Services can furnish the facility to fit your needs. Chances are, specific equipment required for your medical procedures take up large amounts of space. We will ensure that there is enough room for operations to run smoothly.
    • Installation of Equipment—We provide installation of equipment if the manufacturer does not offer this service. This includes MRI installation, ultrasound system installation, and other large medical equipment.
    • Office and Waiting Room Design—We design offices and waiting rooms, providing healthcare lighting design, furniture, built-in fixtures, countertops, and anything else you may need to complete your healthcare space.

Efficiency Upgrades

Our expertise and large workforce enable us to tackle any project, large or small. Our largest healthcare project to date was replacing lighting and controls in every room for the area’s largest hospital. 

Similar to other industries that we work with, Skilled Services also provides efficiency upgrades for healthcare facilities. As a healthcare lighting company, we offer lighting upgrades using LEDs to improve energy efficiency in buildings. In addition, we can upgrade HVAC systems, controls, and windows in healthcare facilities.

Decorative Concrete And Hardscapes

Hospitals will often want intricate concrete design outside of their facility to give patients a good first impression. Skilled Services provides stamped concrete sidewalks, fountains, and other various concrete designs to provide hospitals with a high-end feel. In addition to concrete stamping, we also:

  • Color concrete
  • Cut concrete
  • Provide various types of rock and cement


Skilled Services can install canopies for the needs of any medical facility, hospital, or office. These canopies include entryway canopies, parking garage canopies, pick-up and drop-off canopies, and more.

Skilled Services is a trusted provider for facility improvements in the healthcare industry. We are a trusted partner for renovations, redesigns, equipment installation, and more. For more information about our healthcare facility improvement services, contact us.

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