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Locker Replacement

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Locker Installation

At Skilled Services, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a wide range of facility improvements to our clients, including locker replacement services. We work with a variety of metal locker manufacturers to offer the best options to our clients.

Skilled Services is a full-service locker installation company providing everything from products to installation. Our customer service is second-to-none, and we will work around your schedule to replace lockers whenever it works best for you.

Installation sometimes involves disposal of old lockers. Skilled Services can handle the complete replacement of lockers in your facility and handle the destruction and removal of old lockers as well. The result is a clean facility with brand new lockers.

If necessary, we can come in during slow periods and school breaks to replace lockers. Working during downtime helps to minimize disruption to employees and students. Leave everything to us, and we will have your lockers installed quickly and efficiently.

Lock in Your Picks With Customization Options

Working with several top-quality manufacturers allows us to offer a variety of options to our clients. We provide lockers in a range of sizes, colors, and materials so that you can find the best fit for your facility.

Locker Materials

We offer the following lockers in many materials like metal, phenolic, wood, laminate, HDPE Plastic, and more.

Locker Sizes

We also offer plenty of locker size options. Single tier lockers are great options for high school students who need plenty of room for textbooks, while triple tier may be better for a facility where adults need a place to keep their important belongings throughout the day. We offer a variety of sizes to fit the unique needs of every client.

Customize the Color of Your Lockers

In addition to providing lockers in a variety of materials and sizes, we also offer the unique service of being able to match lockers to school colors. If you want something besides a basic color for your students, we can keep the school spirit alive in the hallways by matching the lockers to your school colors.

Professional Locker Installation Company

Our superior customer service and ability to offer a variety of products, replacement, and locker installation services to clients makes us a trusted partner for locker replacement in government facilities and schools. Contact Skilled Services for locker replacement services today.

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