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Government Efficiency Upgrades

Most Buildings Waste A Third Of Their Energy That They Use - Are You?

HVAC Upgrades

By investing in efficiency upgrades, government facilities can achieve energy cost savings, demonstrate environmental leadership, and raise awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency.

Skilled Services is proud to provide energy efficiency upgrades in government facilities. We perform window, HVAC, and controls upgrades. Our partnership with FourSeasons, Inc. allows us to offer top-quality brands and upgrade services to our customers.

HVAC upgrades are one of the most common upgrades we perform in facilities to improve energy efficiency. There are several ways to upgrade an HVAC systems to significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

  • Retrofitting – By retrofitting your existing HVAC equipment with energy-efficient add-ons, you can save on energy costs and get more life out of an existing HVAC system. This is especially effective if a complete HVAC replacement isn’t in the budget.
  • Programmable HVAC Control System – Facilities can increase HVAC energy efficiency with automated systems that control temperatures. Programmable systems also allow you to adjust the system controls from a remote location.
  • Invest in New HVAC Equipment – By replacing an old system that is 10+ years old and replacing it with new, energy efficient HVAC equipment, you can increase energy efficiency.


Window Upgrades

We have experience replacing old and worn windows with newer, better-insulated windows to improve energy efficiency. Better insulated windows result in reduced heating and cooling requirements which means lower heating and cooling costs for your facility.

Control Upgrades

By leveraging technology advancements with lighting, temperature, and system controls, we are able to improve and optimize your facility’s performance. Our comprehensive lighting services including retrofits, upgrades, and new installations. We can also perform energy analysis and lighting design for both indoor and outdoor applications. To improve energy efficiency and optimize facility performance, we install advanced technology systems in buildings that can control lighting, temperature, and more.

Upgrades that we offer include but are not limited to the following:

    • Lighting Upgrades
    • Remote Monitoring for Building Automation Systems
    • Automatic Temperature System

Professional Efficiency Upgrades for Government Facilities

Government facilities have a responsibility within the community to demonstrate energy and environmental leadership. Not only does sustainability raise public awareness, it saves building owners money on energy costs, allowing the money to be put to better use. For efficiency upgrades in your government facility, contact Skilled Services today.


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