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Providing Quality Construction for Government, State, Local, And Federal Facilities,  Since 1991


Skilled Services takes pride in providing quality construction services to several schools and government agencies within the community. We have successfully completed projects for building authorities, parks and recreational facilities, school systems, The Department of Transportation, and more. We specialize maximizing the function of existing facilities.

We have over 20 years of experience serving government agencies throughout our region. Since the beginning, it has been our goal to exceed our client’s expectations and make our communities a better place. Through providing quality work, timely services, and flexible work schedules, we have been able to successfully work and build partnerships with schools and government agencies throughout the region.

School Upgrades
We have completed construction and remodeling projects for several Knoxville schools both public and private. Our projects range from small renovations and structural upgrades to full scale additions and remodels.

Bathroom Replacement

We have experience in the redesign of bathrooms within government facilities. We handle everything from demolition of existing bathrooms or areas, design, and building. Our experience has given us insight to the durability of these essential facilities.

Locker Replacements

There need to be enough lockers in a school for every single student. You can trust us to get the job done quickly and efficiently so that your educational facility looks professional and matches your school colors.

Efficiency Upgrades

We perform installation and upgrades for windows, HVAC systems, and control systems to make your building more energy efficient.

Collaboration Area Design

We build areas that are designed for learning and educating as well as for offices looking to increase productivity. We are proud to take part in designing collaborative spaces for a ‘new style of learning and working’ that we believe will help teach school kids and improve interactions in an office.


We handle the installation of canopies for various purposes. Some examples include pick-up and drop-off canopies outside of schools, canopies for covered vehicle areas, pavilions, and more.


Government agencies are important parts of our community

We are a trusted partner for many schools, parks, and recreational facilities.

Certified & Qualified Contractor in Knoxville, Tennessee

Skilled Services meets all of the state and local requirements needed to perform construction services for government agencies. We are a licensed contractor in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. Our staff also goes through extensive background checks, and all employees have earned the required badges to perform our services.Government agencies trust us because our services are dependable, quality, and completed in a timely manner. We aim to be flexible and work with government facilities during downtime in an effort to not disrupt workflow. We also work to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients so that they can rely on us for any services they may need. We want to be your trusted partner for life. We would love to work with you as a part of your next renovation or construction project for your government facility. Contact Skilled Services today!

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