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Security Enhancements

We Provide the Security Upgrades Necessary for Your Company to Stay Safe

Are You Compliant?

At Skilled Services, our team has the knowledge to meet all state and local requirements regarding security standards. We provide building security solutions to schools, banks, and many other types of companies and facilities. Security enhancements don’t just make you compliant; they make your building a safer place for all those who occupy it.

We take care of the installation for you so that you can be compliant with state and local regulations. We commonly install the following enhanced security in buildings:

    • Security Cameras & Other Monitoring Devices―We take care of the installation for all required security cameras and monitoring devices. This includes running electrical wiring.
    • Required Columbine Lock Sets―These are very specific door locks that most counties require their schools to have. This prevents intruders from coming in the school and causing harm to students and faculty.
    • Safe Entryways―We build vestibules where the front door is unlocked and you go into an area with bulletproof windows and bulletproof doors on all sides. In this area, you would speak to a receptionist. If approved, you then get buzzed into the facility. This is typically a larger project that we commonly do for schools.

    We can install enhanced security systems and reconfigure entryways to make your facility a safer place.

Building Security Assessment

Our building security services begin with a complete assessment of all your current building security systems. Based on the location of your facility and the type of business, we then decide what type of security you could benefit from. We care about the safety of your building occupants and provide excellent security enhancement services to keep you safe.


Let’s Make Sure You’re Safe

The rules and regulations for security are always evolving. More advanced security systems are becoming the norm, and soon they will be required. Allow Skilled Services to be your trusted partner when it comes to staying up to date on security. We have worked with several companies to reconfigure, install, and upgrade their security systems. We stay up-to-date on all codes, rules, and regulations so that we can help clients understand what security systems they need.

Are you ready to schedule an assessment? Do you have questions about our security systems? Any questions or concerns, we can help! Contact Skilled Services for security enhancements and upgrades.

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