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Building Code Structural Repair

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Structural Damage

We are a top quality structural repair contractor in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Skilled Services provides structural repairs to building owners who need problems fixed quickly.

As soon as you call Skilled Services about a structural damage repair, we come out and assess the situation to see if anything is an immediate danger. We care about the safety of those who occupy your building, and we don’t want anything to derail business operations. For quality repairs and prompt service, Skilled Services is the contractor to call.

How We Help Business Owners

Building owners usually call us to fix a problem with their insurance, but we also work directly with adjustor’s to assess the situation and see what needs to get addressed immediately. The process commonly looks something like this:

  • Structural damage is present at your building, or something happens (a car runs into your building, fires, falling water, structural repairs, etc.)
  • Most often, building owners will call a contractor and an insurance adjuster at the same time. A lot of the time, Skilled Services will work directly with an adjuster. Our job is to immediately come out to your building and assess the situation to make sure that there are no immediate dangers present.
  • After we have inspected the entire building and the severity of the damage, we will put together a quote and send it to you. Then, you send this quote to your adjuster.
  • If the adjuster decides the quote is within budget and approves it, we start the project. The damages will be fixed by licensed professionals so that no further issues occur.

The structural damages that we repair the most often are structured foundation repair, structural concrete repair, or building settling. With these types of projects, we may have to add other items to the to-do list such as replacing walls and windows (as a result of foundation or building settling). No matter how big or small the structural damage, Skilled Services is happy to provide repair services to get your business back on track.

Industry Leading Repair Services

Skilled Services’ building code compliance structural repair services will help you to get damage fixed quickly. We care about helping your business stay compliant and safe so you can focus on your business. You shouldn’t have to worry about code compliance upgrades, that’s why Skilled Services does it for you. Our knowledge of building code compliance along with the expertise of our team makes for a winning combination. For a contractor that will provide a fair quote, fast service, and a top-quality repair, contact the experts at Skilled Services!

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