Customer Name: Hamblen County Department of Education

Location: Morristown, Tennessee

Product/Service Provided: Installation of Security Vestibules

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Vestibule Functionality the Schools

Safety is very important in schools, and vestibules are installed as a way of protecting students and faculty from intruders who may try to enter the building at any given time.

Vestibule Definition 

A vestibule is defined as an antechamber, hall, or lobby next to the outer door of a building. Essentially, it is a small foyer leading into a larger space of the interior of a building, such as a lobby, entrance hall, or passage, and is built for the purpose of waiting, reducing heat loss, or withholding the larger space from view.

The Problem

Three schools in Hamblen County were deemed especially vulnerable to intruders with weapons due to the positioning of the offices within the schools. An architecture-engineer firm provided conceptual designs for the security vestibules, but these designs did not address many of the key issues relative to access control, door hardware, sliding window construction, and which glass types were most suited to the application.

Our Solution

The team at Skilled Services worked closely with the Operations Director of the Department of Education, providing suggestions and proposals for all elements needed to complete the installation in a cost-effective way, all while maintaining ‘design balance.’ Design balance means that one functional or structural component of the installation isn’t stronger and tougher than it needs to be, while others are weaker and more vulnerable by comparison. This means the owner is investing more money than he/she should be into the project. Skilled Services proposed a solution that helped the three schools maintain the proper design balance.

The Result

The three schools in Hamblen County achieved the desired results at the most favorable price. When all was said and done, the total cost of the project was less than their budgeted amount and less than the initial bid amount at the beginning of the project.


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