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Our Approach

Our Simple Four-Step Process Has Helped Us Complete Projects Successfully For Years

Maximizing Facility Function Through Design/Build

Skilled Services is proud to provide top-notch redesign, construction, and upgrade services to various types of facilities. Our approach has enabled us to become a recognized partner in the commercial construction industry. If you are looking for excellent design and building services, Skilled Services is the company to call. We care about your project, and we care about building a lasting relationship with your business.

Our Approach Step 1


The discovery phase is where the partnership begins. We will hit the ground running by asking questions to understand your goals for the project and what you expect to get out of it. We will ask you questions including, but not limited to the following:

  • What are the needs of your company? Your employees?
  • Why are you considering an upgrade?
  • How do you imagine your future space? What are your project goals?
  • Are you looking for budget numbers or seeing how far your allocated money can take you?

At the end of the discovery phase, we hope that we will have a clear understanding of your goals and the purpose of the project.

Our Approach Step 1
Our Approach Step 2


The define phase is where answers to your questions become ideas. We develop realistic outcomes that we feel are obtainable based on your timeline and budget constraints. Initial ideas will evolve into drawings that can be manipulated and agreed upon. We also conduct feasibility studies to determine the best route for your project (e.g., should you move buildings or add-on?). Our experience and industry expertise gives clients the confidence that we will deliver the agreed-upon design.

Our Approach Step 2
Our Approach Step 3


During the design phase, the project develops into a detailed action plan. Final decisions on project specifics will need to be made. You will also meet with our team and agree on a realistic schedule for the project. You will also have the opportunity to meet with the top talent that will bring your project to fruition. Careful planning and value engineering ensure that the budget is protected and that there are no surprises.

Our Approach Step 3
Our Approach Step 4


This phase is where the plan is executed on time and on budget. We constantly stay in contact with you throughout the entire project to give you peace of mind that the job is getting done on schedule. This close coordination between our teams will result in no frustration and little to no surprises.

We take pride in working in and around occupied working spaces with minimal disruption. Demolition, construction, fit-out, and cleanup occur seamlessly according to our well-developed design.

Our Approach Step 4
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