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Providing design and build construction solutions to pave the way for cost savings and streamlined workflows.   Any project that doesn’t establish open communication and proper collaboration are doomed to fail. This includes building design and construction. That’s why Skilled Services LLC takes a four-step approach to design and build construction projects. This includes understanding your goals, defining realistic expectations, developing a detailed action plan, and delivering the plan on time and on budget.

What Is Design-Build?

Design-build simplifies the delivery of construction projects. Unlike other construction methods, design-build doesn’t require an owner to contract with various entities for architectural design and construction. Rather, those responsibilities are given to a design-builder. As the owner’s sole point of contact, the design-builder manages all elements of the project, discussing any and all changes with the rest of the design-build team. This leads to collaborative problem-solving and innovation with no shifting of blame. 

The Process of a Design-Build Contract

The design-build process can be summed up in four phases:
  1. Discovery: This is the phase in which the partnership begins. We’ll ask questions about your goals and what you expect from the project. For example, what are your organization’s needs?
  2. Define: After understanding your needs, the project will shift into the “define” phase. Here, we’ll create ideas and develop realistic outcomes depending on your timeline and budget. 
  3. Design: The design process involves developing a concrete plan of action. This will entail finalizing decisions on project specifics. 
  4. Deliver: The final phase is where the project goes into effect. Our design-build team will keep you informed throughout the process. This way there won’t be any surprises and you’ll have peace of mind knowing the project is on schedule. 

How Design-Build Saves You Time and Money

Design-build isn’t just an alternative construction project delivery solution, it’s a cheaper and more efficient option. Due to the highly collaborative and communicative nature of this service, all team members are aware of changes in the project. The result is fewer mistakes, more efficient workflows, and streamlined schedules. That means projects are completed on time at optimum cost. 

The Benefits of Design-Build

The benefits of design-build don’t end with cost savings. This construction method also comes with advantages such as rapid delivery, a smoother process, and better solutions. Since design and construction happen concurrently, it merges the two processes into one, shortening the timeframe for the project. This also serves to simplify the plan so there are no conflicting recommendations from contractor to architect. Finally, the design-build method allows for the entire team to brainstorm and workshop ideas, creating innovative solutions to previously unseen potential problems. This way owners can make better-informed decisions.    Get started with your design-build construction project by giving us a call at (865) 637-7687. 
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