Jun 10, 2022 | Energy

Breaking down the primary features and benefits of today’s most advanced energy control systems

It’s not cheap to keep a building in operating condition. No matter what your facility is used for, it’s likely you’re paying hefty energy costs every month. And several different factors could force your spending into overdrive. Whether it’s the weather conditions, the size of the building, the design of the workspace, or the overall mission of your operations, be prepared to get hit by an expensive bill. Fortunately, there is more efficient technology that can help stop the bleeding.

In this post, we discuss the importance of building automation and control systems and examine the roles they play in reducing energy waste and spending.


Implementing building automation technology simplifies the way you operate your building. Not only is it a major convenience for the facility management team, but more importantly, it helps keep overhead down.

Here are four of the most practical features building control systems offer:


Most facilities have electrical outlets dispersed all along the walls. Outlets supply power to the building’s most important appliances and electrical devices. Unfortunately, even if the device isn’t in use, it still consumes energy as long as it’s plugged in. With a building control system, you can manage all plug loads with the push of a button. Increase energy savings by programming your appliances and electronics to shut down automatically.


Heating and cooling account for a large portion of your energy usage. Keeping a facility at the appropriate temperature seems like it should be simple, but it’s actually pretty complex. You cannot just adjust your thermostat and expect the building to heat up or cool down exactly as you need it to. It takes time for the HVAC system to shift gears. Building automation technology is engineered with an energy-efficient climate control system, an all-inclusive feature that leverages different HVAC settings at an accelerated rate.

And when you activate the system’s zone-control feature, you’re able to heat or cool different areas of the building at the same time. Ultimately, this relieves pressure on your utility equipment, limits energy waste, and promotes healthier indoor air comfort.


The great thing about building automation systems (BAS) is how easy they are to operate. This technology is developed with convenience in mind. When it comes to remote activity, a building control system is the ultimate resource. Most BAS equipment is wireless and cloud based, meaning that you can access and review the status of your building’s operations at any time, from virtually any location.

All you need is a reliable Wi-Fi signal and the proper smartphone app, and you’ll be able to modify all building settings from the palm of your hand. This allows you to expedite any facility adjustments without even having to set foot on the property.


Because building automation technology helps create more energy-efficient structures, your chances of earning a LEED certification rise dramatically. Why is this a big deal? To put it simply, LEED certification gives your project credibility. A LEED rating identifies your building as an environmentally friendly feature in the community. Obtaining this certification increases the value of your facility and boosts the reputation of your operation as a green-friendly business.

LEED-certified environments are viewed as sustainable, which is a must in today’s world of business. When you manage a setting like this, you’re leading an operation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, makes efficient use of the heating and cooling system, and performs at its most productive level.


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